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Taian City Jingdong Experimental Equipment CO.,LTD is a leading Manufacturer of Test bench For 20years. and have 10years import & export experience in this fields. We focus on producing the top quality Car diesel/gasoline repair bench for bosch, denso, siemens, delphi CAT, Commins injectors and pump, which can support PIEZO, EUI/EUP(UPS & UIS) HEUI, VP34 /44 and Electronic control fuel injector-ZEXEL etc. and 12PSB traditional inline pump for BOSCH in line pumps of K, M, MW, A, B, BV, P (ZU, ZW, ZM) and BOSCH rotation distributor pumps EP/VA, EP/VM, VE..F.., also can be used for Chinese pumps such as I, II, III, K, P7, BQ etc. With the company develop, we also produce the car repair bench and injector spare parts such as bosch Control Valve, valve assembly component, 3d wheel aligner, big scissor car lift, wheel balancers and tyre changers, metal workbenches and toll cabinets, Etc.
After-sales service:
In addition to providing quality of pure OE parts, operation and maintenance technology training, all kinds of test, upgrade & repair services, various non-standard equipment special design and manufacturing, consumable parts and accessories, we also maintain data for user and offer the best solutions. In the case that any problem comes from fault handling regardless of what reason or from which party, firstly to solve out the problem and fault, then follow with causal analysis.
After-sales service:
Taian City Jingdong Experimental Equipment Co., Ltd.
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