S60H Nozzle injector
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Character and purpose:
We are providing nozzle injector test, nozzle injector calibration device, injector tester, portable type nozzle tester, digital nozzle injector tester and etc, with a host of advantages such as fast pressure increase, excellent stable-voltage, reasonable structure, easy-to-go operation and convenient clamp-fastening, and their usage to test and measure injection start-up pressure, atomization quality, injecting angle and needle valve seal makes it an ideal testing instrument for nozzle and holder assemblies of diesel engines.

Using and Calibrating:
Prior to use this nozzle injector tester, make sure firm fastening, clean operation environment and clean up completely the connector which clamps nozzle injector before adding No.0 Light Diesel Fuel which has already precipitated more than 48 hours. No unqualified diesel is allowed.
(1)Start-up pressure test on Nozzle injector assembly
Place the “T” in the middle of support, and turn the screw on the support. Screw the high pressure oil pipe to fasten the Nozzle injector assembly. Then, check the sealing. Press the pressure bar to pump fuel, at the meanwhile, observe the pressure gauge, to read the max start-up pressure, in other words, that is highest value which needle points at. For those nozzle injectors that can not be fastened by support, screw off plug screw on the right and fasten the injector assembly before testing. If the start-up pressure exceeds the given pressure scope, adjust the pressure-regulating-spring on the injector until it meets the demand.
(2)Injecting angle of nozzle injector assembly
After adjusting start-up pressure for nozzle injector, injecting angle test can start. Place a piece of white paper or an iron wire cloth coated by grease in a location which keep some distance(H) under the injector assembly, then pump the fuel for a few times until a clear injecting circle or hollowed circle on the iron wire cloth is observed. Measure the length for H(nozzle to iron wire cloth or white paper) and diameter of the circle – D, then calculate the injecting angle a as per following equation: tg a/2=2H
S60H Nozzle injector
(3)Atomization Test
Press the screw to get injecting fuel from injector, then observe the atomization of injector fuel from injector assembly. Sprayed oil particle should be evenly tiny and no any flowing oil should be observed by naked eyes. No any oil residing or dripping in the injector after spraying.
(4)Maintenance and Care
Test oil must be No.0 Light Diesel Fuel or Test oil after 48 hours of precipitating. Oil must be filtering through the silk textile prior to use.
Clean up thoroughly prior to use, and cover with protective hood after using.
In order to avoid damaging wire by burning, no exceeding force is allowed when turning screw to fasten injector assembly.
Pressure gauge should be checked and calibrated periodically (every half year)
Pressure bar is not allowed to be pressed unless refueling is in process, to prevent plug from damage.

Main Technical Parameters:
Max Test Pressure:60Mpa 
Dimension: 320×300×500(L x W x H)
Net Weight: 20Kg
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